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Sometimes information from the senses is not received and organized correctly by a child’s nervous system, resulting in an inability to develop, learn, and behave normally. Trouble in the organizing of information is called sensory integration disorder. It also goes by “sensory processing dysfunction.”

Sensory integrative therapy approaches neurological problems in children by first evaluating the way the child’s brain is organizing sensations. The therapists then guide the child into therapeutic activities that produce sensory information and encourage its organization. These activities are based on normal development and are usually fun for the child.

The younger the child, the better he/she responds to therapy because the brain is more flexible and easily changed. Therapy is provided by an occupational specially trained in sensory integrative techniques. Therapy helps to improve gross motor, fine motor, speech and social skills, cognitive and academic abilities, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our occupational therapists use play activities to enhance sensory processing and teach emotional regulation, thus reducing meltdowns or frustrations over perceived “simple” tasks.  All of our Occupational Therapists at Memorial Therapy are trained and experienced in successfully addressing Sensory Processing Disorders in children. 

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