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Wooden Alphabets



Social skills can be like second nature, performed effortlessly by some. Other people struggle and feel awkward and out of place, with even basic skills.  Our social pragmatic group helps individuals improve their social behavior and interactions with others. These interventions focus on both verbal and nonverbal communication. Repeated exposure to these activities can support your kids and lead them to a more positive and fulfilling experience in their various life settings.

Kids in Preschool


Children of all ages benefit from daily experiences that support the development of fine motor skills in their hands and fingers. Kids that are pre-k to kindergarten should have strength and dexterity in their hands and fingers before they can be expected to master handwriting.  We provide a multi-sensory handwriting lesson plan, to include all the critical skills that make up the process of handwriting.  These critical skills include fine motor skills, postural control, hand strengthening, sensory feedback, and of course practice time.

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