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Teya Miller,

Teya has provided speech, language and swallowing services for over 20 years. Her life has been seasoned with living in a variety of places and has worked as an SLP with each move. Early in her career she worked as a Research Speech Pathologist at the VA Medical Center/Vanderbilt Medical School in Nashville Tennessee. A move to the Chicago area gave her valuable experience within the Evanston Northwestern Hospital system. After moving back to Texas, Teya worked at several hospitals in Texas Medical Center before moving overseas. She worked at Luanda International School in Angola and while living in Malaysia she work with the United Nations (UNHCR) literacy program. Employment at The Singapore American School gave her a wide variety of clinical experience. It was at SAS that she realized how much she enjoyed facilitating social language groups. Teya also has a special interest in neurogenic communication and swallowing disorders, language delays/disorders and phonological awareness and processes. She utilizes a multi-sensory approach integrated with stories to speech and language learning. Teya loves to create a fun environment to produce and practice new skills. She graduated from Baylor University and has a Master’s from the University of Texas, Pan American. Teya holds a Texas license and ASHA certification in Speech Language Pathology.


I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your child's development and how Memorial Therapy can help!

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